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Nathan Woolridge is a Calgary-based journalist who recently obtained his Bachelor of Communications, with a major in Journalism and a minor in Political Science.

At Mount Royal University, he has been published by the program’s Calgary Journal and the student association’s Reflector. Nathan had an opportunity to work as a summer editor with the Calgary Journal and gain experience working with professors; editing and writing numerous stories for online and print publication.

His stories are typically profiles and issues; mostly politics and current events. He has covered other areas, such as sports and cultural stories. Nathan has studied the news, information design, visual story-telling (photography and video), audio story-telling, and print/online articles.

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Majors Journalism Photos - Karina Zapata


Karina Zapata is a Journalism student in Calgary with a minor in Social Innovation.


While she excels in socio-political reporting with a focus on minority communities and health issues, her work is dynamic and always passionate. She is currently a 2020 fellow with the Institute for Investigative Journalism, where she investigated lead in Canada's drinking water with "Tainted Water" in 2019.

Karina is a strong believer that if you tell seldom-told truths, people will gravitate towards your work. This doesn't only fuel her reporting work, but it is also the basis of her marketing and design experience. When she isn't reporting on untold stories, she's co-running Femme Handbook, a magazine and platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women through creative expression.  

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Riggs Zyrille Vergara is a Broadcast Media Studies student at Mount Royal University. He has been published as a writer, a graphic designer and layout artist in numerous newspapers in the Philippines and in Canada.


At the centre of Riggs’ work is the motivation to breathe life into unheard voices of minority groups. This motivation propels him to affect change in aspects like gender, race, family and sexual health, where he sees a lot of effort is needed from creators like him.


When Riggs is not working on writing and design, he is a budding photographer and videographer with focus on portraits and profiles.

Riggs is the creator of all of the photo illustrations on the Bad Blood website.

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